Residential Lockout

Lock Installation and Repair


If you’re a homeowner, it’s critical that you contact us when any part of your door lock isn’t functioning the way it should. Otherwise, the risk is there for your lock and security to be compromised.


Whether you purchased a new door lock from 59 Lockouts or another retailer, our professional locksmiths can handle the installation to make sure your new lock functions perfectly. Alignment is assured, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that installation was done properly. We may even be able to make your existing key work in your new lock.


Home Lockout Services


Each of our locksmith technicians has been trained extensively and is more than qualified to provide lockout services so you can get back into your home. Best of all, they can do this without damage to your lock, door, or house in the process. The only time a lock will be damaged is if the type of lockout requires drilling.


Sometimes, especially if you have high-security locks, we may need to drill the lock and then either install a new lock cylinder or install a new lock for you. Do you have several locks on your home that require different keys to open? Ask us about keying all of your locks alike so they can be opened with the same key.


Replacement Keys in Chandler


59 Lockouts carries one of the largest inventory of replacement keys in Chandler. Whether you want additional copies of your existing keys or lost your keys and need replacements created, our experienced team can help.


If you decide to rekey your locks, we can also provide you with the exact number of keys that you request for family members, emergency contacts, or to have as backups in the event of a lockout. We can quickly handle your key replacements and key cutting while you wait in our store, so feel free to stop by. Have an old hard-to-find key? Odds are we have it.

Car Key Repair

ou might be faced with a substantial bill if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere because your key is not working properly.

Car Key Duplicate

You may want an extra set of keys to be safe if one gets misplaced. If more than one person drives your vehicle, you obviously need more than one set.

Unlock Car Door

You come out of the grocery store, towing your bags, and start looking for your car keys, only to realize you don’t have them.


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Our 24 hour emergency locksmith team has branded logos and images on our van, that way you know they are who they say they are.
Over 200 5 Star reviews by our valued customers on Yelp, Google Reviews, and Angie’s list ensures you too will be getting a great customer service.
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We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency locksmithing service right to your door for any urgent situation.
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As a result, we understand our business communities’ security wants and requirements. You’d be pleased to know that our experience is unmatched


Fast Locksmith Service

Whether you are in need of an emergency locksmith to help you unlock your car or home, need a locksmith to duplicate keys or changes locks on your property, or need to replace stolen car keys, you are in the right place!

We understand how important it is to have a locksmith arrive immediately during an emergency. If you have locked yourself out of your home or car, or need an emergency lock replacement, we can help. We have technicians standing by.

When a business gets locked out of business, everyone loses. The business owner, employees, and worst of all, customers can’t get inside your store. The most common reason this happens is that there’s a keypad lock and the keypad programming messes up, and no one can remember how to recode a new program in. Our emergency locksmiths have keypad programming machines even in our mobile vans.
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